iPad Apps

This is a collection of some of my favorite apps that I use in my classroom.  This is an ongoing list because there are always new apps being created.
Teacher Apps:

Teacher's Pick- Helps generate random groups and pick partners

Teacher's Assistant Pro-  Helps you organize your students, keep track of behavior, attendance, homework and email parents a report!

Whiteboard and Educreations are great interactive whiteboards

ChorePad HD Lite- I use this with my children at home but can also be used as a checklist for routines and behaviors in class.

Running Record Calculator-  Records the child reading and helps keep track of WPM, Errors, and SC.  You can also email the record to yourself!

GoodNotes-  Turns your worksheets into activities for the iPad!

Language Arts:

Sparklefish- A fun Mad Libs app

Story Wheel- Children use pictures from a wheel to tell a story.  They LOVE this one!

Futaba- A sight word game

My Story- Bookmaker for kids

Writer's Hat- Creates ideas for children to use in writing.  They can get pretty silly. :)

Boggle-  Fun word game

Any grammar game by Fun Deck (Super Duper Publications)-  (Homophones, Plurals, Irregular Verbs)These apps go on sale often so I usually pick them up then.

Storia- Scholastic Books sponsored app.  I haven't actually downloaded books on here yet, but plan on it once school starts.

Reading Comprehension Grades 2-3- Provides excerpts and asks questions about the reading.

Toontastic-  Create and animate your own cartoons.


Pizza Fractions- There are a few levels of this

Patterns Game- Great for sequencing and predicting patterns

Cash Cow-  Teaches the concepts of counting coins.  It's a great app!!!

Amazing Coin- Helps children learn to count and identify USD coins

Math Ninja,  MathopolisMath Concentration, Fun game to get your reluctant/struggling math students to practice facts and other concepts.

Splash Math Grade 2- Great game to review math concepts taught.

Telling Time- Practice with telling to the hour, half hour, quarter, and minute intervals.

RoboLearning Math Problems-  Good practice with word problems

Banana Math-  Another app to help with word problems

Science/Social Studies:

TapQuiz Maps- Interactive quiz that helps you learn the different parts of the world

World Map, History Maps-  All great maps to help the children learn about geography

My Maps- Allows you to create maps

US States Mission- A game to help the children identify the states and their locations.

Leaf Snap-  Allows you to take a photo of a leaf and then identifies what plant it is from

Butterfly Farm- A game that helps you catch and keep track of butterflies

Animal Encyclopedia- Great for when you are doing animals and classifications (I can't find the link to the one I have, but there a few others you might want to check out)

Miscellaneous Apps:

Dragon Dictation-  I use this with my reluctant and struggling writers.  They dictate the story and the iPad writes it for them.

Twitter-  My students use twitter to communicate with their parents. 

Lab Timer and Timers- Two great timers for the classroom

Calculator Pro- Can always use a calculator :)

Prezi Viewer-  You can create cool presentations with Prezi

Brain Pop Featured Movie-  Each day they have new videos available for the children to view

Crayola Color Studio HD-  You can use real pictures to create coloring pages

Night Sky- Allows the children to see what constellations are in the sky at that moment

Enrichment Games:

Solitaire Chess-  Great critical thinking game.  I love it!

Rush Hour- The children love this game!

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  1. Wow..thank you for sharing! Our district is phasing out classroom computers and my 4th grade students will be using iPads in the classroom next year. I can't wait to try some of these out over the summer. :)