Friday, January 24, 2014

iPads in the Classroom

I have been using iPads in the classroom for a few years now.  However, I always had to use my personal iPad since we didn't have enough iPads for every classroom.

Since I have changed schools, my new school has purchased enough iPads for every grade to have 6!  I think that is fantastic and I make sure to utilize them whenever I can.

A few months ago we learned about Native Americans.  I had the students break into groups of 2 and create a triptych about one of the 3 tribes we learned about.  They then had to videotape themselves explaining their tribe.  I made sure that 3 different tribes were recorded on each iPad.  I then had them break into groups according to which iPad they recorded on.  They watched each other's video as a review of the tribes before the test.

The kids really enjoyed this activity.  I loved how excited they were when their group was up and how quiet the other kids were when listening to the other groups!


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