Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mock Election

With the upcoming election on everyone's mind, I took a moment to speak to the children about the actual election process.  We talked about how to vote, voter's rights, and why every vote counts.  I also made sure to remain as neutral as possible when speaking about the candidates.  I did not want to have some lovely parent emails waiting for me later. :)

The children were really fascinated with the process and to my surprise our conversation about the process lasted well over 30 minutes.

After we talked, I we held a mock election so the children could practice this process.  Our voting topic was Favorite Pet.  If I had more time, I would have created a voter ID card for each child.  I saw a cute idea about that on Pinterest.

We then held a secret ballot on my iPad, using the app TallyPad.  It is a great app to help keep track of class votes, surveys, game scores, etc. I covered the actual numbers so the children couldn't see the count.  They went into the "voting booth" and cast their vote. 

And the winner was.....
However, cat was a very close second.  I took that as an opportunity to discuss how close this election is going to be and reiterate the importance of everyone voting and making sure the votes are counted properly. 

Good luck to both candidates on Tuesday!