Friday, September 21, 2012

Monarch Eggs Hatching

My daughter was struck with strep today so while she is resting I can finally pay attention to my badly neglected blog.

This past week we finished up our Back to School Night, this included introducing our new grading system, new online math textbooks, new progress report, and breaking the bombshell that our county has a new abilities test that it is using to help identify AAP students.  Needless to say there were a lot of questions from some pretty overwhelmed parents.  It made for a very long week, so although my poor girl is sick, I was not too upset when I had to take the day off.

On a lighter note, we had three monarch butterflies emerge in our classroom yesterday.  It was very exciting.  We actually do a very large Monarch unit in the spring, but it is always fun to start the year out with these little guys too.  This year my students were able to see some video I captured of a few Monarch eggs actually hatching.   Here is a short video I put together for it.

I am always amazed at how small they are!
Hope you have a wonderful fall weekend!

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