Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Technology Tip Tuesday

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' to participate in their Teacher Week.

Today is Technology Tip Tuesday.  I don't know if you have had a chance to check out some of my buttons above, but I have links to some great teacher and student websites as well as some iPad apps that I use in my classroom.  Be sure to check them out!

Here are a few other websites that I will be using with my students again this year.
I was able to set up a classroom twitter account last year for my students to use as a way to update their parents about their day.  I made my account private and only accepted my classroom parents as followers, if they wished.  I ended up having 19 followers, which I thought was pretty good for participation!

After that was set up, I started the year with teacher led tweets.  You can read about that HERE.
Once the children felt comfortable using Twitter and understood what my expectations were, I allowed groups of 5 tweet about our activities each day. I made sure to make heterogeneous groups of students that way my higher kids could help my struggling ones.  I posted a calendar at the back of the room that let the children know when their day was. 

They really enjoyed this and loved when it was their "Twitter Day."  I think many of the parents enjoyed this as well.  I also loved the fact that I could tweet out pictures of the children as we went about our day.

Class Dojo:
(Cue gong sound) 

It is a unique, real time way to run your classroom management.  

The students' names and avatars are displayed through your interactive board or screen.  As the day goes on, you award points for good behavior or, if you choose to, take points away as well.  You get to customize the wording and can choose if you want only positive and/or negative behaviors displayed.  You can also print progress reports for your students.  I chose to use it for positive behavior.

Another nice feature is for Ipad users.  You can use your Ipad to award points remotely while you walk around your room. 

The only downside for me last year was that we don't have mounted projectors.  This made it hard to have Class Dojo displayed throughout the day.  However, we are FINALLY getting mounted projectors this year so I may try using this a little more often throughout the day.

Finally, I wanted to share a past link I posted about using Mimios in the classroom.  It is a cheaper and more portable alternative to Smartboards and Promethean Boards.

Mimio(Interactive Board)

Hope some of these sites and resources help you out!


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