Saturday, August 11, 2012

Random Act of Kindness (non school post)

We have been up on Long Island visiting my mom for the past week.  It has been a great trip and we have been trying to squeeze in as many "island" type things as we can while we are here.  The other night we took the kids to a restaurant on the water.  It turns out it was LITERALLY on the water.  We got to eat on a boat!

Do you know how much I love seafood and miss getting it fresh like this???

At one point, my daughter had to go to the bathroom.   My mom took her and on the way out a guy bumped into my daughter and knocked her down.  She was ok and he apologized profusely.  Our meal continued and I tried to work on the above dish from heaven. 

When it came time to pay the check, we found out that the man who had bumped into her had paid for the whole meal(which was expensive), including the tip!  We were all speechless.  I have never had a random act of kindness bestowed on me like that before.  We went down to thank the man for his amazing gift.  He said that he had a little girl about my daughter's age and was so worried he had scared her. 

Thanks to this man's generosity, I am now determined to pay it forward sometime soon. 

I came close later that evening.  When we got home, we found two stray dogs walking the streets and dodging cars. They were slowly headed toward a busy highway by my mom's house.  Another girl and I walked with the dogs, gave them water, and fed them in an attempt to stall them before the cops could arrive to help us figure out how to get them to the shelter.  Eventually, the other girl drove them there. 

Although I helped two dogs, I am still searching for an act of kindness that can equal what happened that night.

Humanity can be amazing at times, even in tough old New York!


  1. So neat!! Glad your kids got to see, too :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  2. I just got back from our Long Island vacation! We could have crossed paths! (My in-laws live in Deer Park.)

    There's No Place Like Second Grade

    1. So funny! We are in West Islip! It was such a nice week to be up here. Hope you had a great trip.

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