Thursday, May 3, 2012

What a cute chick!

Well yes, I am a cute chick, but no, I am not talking about me. 

We officially have 5 little cheepers in our class!  And when I say cheepers, I mean cheepers.  Instead of cricket chirping in the background when I ask a question, now I hear cheep, cheep, cheep.

But we don't mind. 

I mean who wouldn't when you peer into the brooder and see this:

Now, you'll notice that you only see 4 chicks in this picture.

Well, Captain America...yes, I said Captain America.  He was born during the Pledge of Allegiance so the children gave him a fitting name.  We also have: Fluffy, Tweety, Survivor(explanation to follow), and ? (We are deciding this guy's name today.)
Anyway, Captain America has been bullying the other chicks (insert another lesson on bullying to my class).  It was getting so bad that these little babies were starting to show blood! (i.e. why one of them is called survivor.) It was like the poultry version of Fight Club!  Who knew Captain America was so mean?!

We finally had to separate the bully from the bunch.

Yesterday the kids also had a chance to hold these cuties.

And since I had the kids in a quiet circle (with "cleanish" hands), I also took out one more friend for the kids to hold.

Geico our gecko!

It was a very exciting "creaturific" afternoon!

Immediately upon exiting the carpet, I made the kids join in my OCD and we all washed and sanitized our hands.  Although I love my creatures, I am not sending the children home with any random chicken/lizard-flu-itis pox, or whatever you might get.

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