Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day and Pinspiration Strikes Again

First off I want to wish a very Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mothers and mothers to be out there.  I hope you are given a wonderful day of recognition. :)

Now that it is officially Mother's Day, I can share what my class did as gifts for their mothers this year.

Using some Pinspiration, we created a mother's day book, an art project and an envelope to keep everything in.

For the envelope:
This was from something I saw on Pinterest for a Mother's Day card.

You take an 8x10 piece of paper and fold it.  Then making sure the thumb and index finger are touching the folded part, you trace their hand.

Once the children cut out their hand, being careful not to cut the folded area near the thumb and index finger, the students has this:

I then stapled two 11x14 pieces of construction paper together to make an envelope.  The children glued on their hands and wrote a message to mom.

The Mother's Day Book:
We used these pages to create a binded book for mom.

Here is where I found these pages:

Art Project:
Finally, I brought my after school watercolor class into my classroom.
I have been doing this activity with my watercolor students for a few years now.  It is such a great open ended project and anyone can do it no matter the skill level. It is a mixed media project that uses watercolors and felt tip pens.
(Note: This is one of my unfinished ones, but you can see where I was headed.)

First you start off by wet washing a piece of watercolor paper. (i.e. make the whole paper wet without soaking it.)

Next you paint flowers on the paper, allowing the colors to bleed.  This is where the children can be creative.

The best part was that there were no tears from "mess ups." 
Even mistakes can be turned into part of the picture later.

Finally, after the paper was dry, I gave each child a black felt tip pen and they drew in the details.

And there you have it! 
The children were so proud of their work and I was happy they had some great pieces to give their mothers today.

Happy Mother's Day!


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