Thursday, April 5, 2012

Walk to Cure Juvenile Diabetes

My family and I have signed up for our 6th annual Walk to Cure Juvenile Diabetes in May.  It is a very important cause in our family because my husband, Jeff, has suffered from Type 1(Juvenile) Diabetes for over 17 years now.

Since knowing him, I have had a crash course on how to help him stay on top of it, but every day can be a struggle. I really can't explain the difficulties in words. You truly have to be in it's presence to realize the devastation it causes.
My daughter already knows that my husband has this disease, needs medicine and uses a pump. We DO NOT keep any sort of needles or medicine around but the fact that we have to worry about that is an added stresser. We are slowly explaining to her why he does this, but she won't truly understand it until she is much older. Someday we will have to do the same with my son.

I had a 2nd grade student a few years ago whose mom has Type 1 as well. It was interesting to see diabetes through his eyes because it is where my children will be one day. He knows she needs sugar and knows when mom is "acting funny." The mom says he is constantly asking her if she has her glucometer with her or if she brought her Starburst in case her blood sugar gets low. I am sad to know that he along with so many other children have this burden on their shoulders because their parents suffer from JD. I know Jeff and my worry will always be that one of our children may be diagnosed with it.

What's even worse is there are children out there going through the experience first hand, including a student I had 8 years ago. I had to give him insulin shots numerous times that year because he just wasn't brave enough to do it just yet. In the school system you needed two people to verify the dosage before you could even give it. You had to get permission over the phone from the parent and then sign off on it. He would be "high" or "low" and I had to learn the signs he displayed so I knew what to do for him or when to buzz down for help. He was an active child, so he often didn't exercise caution when he should have. Children are so young to be forced into understanding this complex disease, but it's a fact of life for more children than you know.
That's why this cause is so near and dear to our hearts. I wanted to share our story to spread awareness of this disease and let you know of great opportunities in your area to help, volunteer, walk or even donate to the cause.
You can visit JDRF to find out more.

Also, feel free to visit our team's homepage HERE

Let's all hope that someday we can find a cure.


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