Monday, March 26, 2012

Voices From The Land

Have I mentioned that we have an amazing science teacher?  Well, she's fantastic.
A month ago she approached me and asked if I wanted to participate in "Voices From the Land."  It is a wonderful project that incorporates art, nature, and poetry.  I of course said, "YES!" 

Visit a link to the read more about the project here.

In science class, the children were introduced to the work of Andrew Goldsworthy and were then shown portions of the project they were about to do.  In art class, the groups sketched out what they would create using nature.

Finally this past week, they went out to make their creations.

While the children worked, parent volunteers, the art teacher, and myself quietly observed and recorded what the children said.  

This week, the science teacher and I are going to share the annecdotes with each group.  They are then going to use these words to create poetry for their creation.

Here is a quick snapshot of what my group made.

I cannot wait to see everything put together!


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