Thursday, March 1, 2012

Health and Sanity

Have you ever felt like this?

Bet you have.

But yet you find yourself going to work anyway because you have one or more of the following below going on.
  •  Too much to teach.
  • The week or day isn't very "sub friendly" OR You just don't want to take the time to make sub plans.
  • You have IEPs, eligibilities, screenings, or conferences.
  • You teach an after school activity or tutor and you don't want to make it up.
  • You think the next day you will feel better so sticking out one day won't be so bad.
  •  Fill in your own reason here
Well, that has been me the past week and a half.  But, I had too much to cover and was teaching after school activities so I couldn't really take time off.  Each day I thought, "I'll probably feel better tomorrow." The next day would come and nope.  I even lost my voice last Friday but still came in because of an IEP that I had to attend. 

I know, bad.  I should have just taken time, but I thought this annoying sinus cold would go away already.

Now if I could rest up at home maybe that might help.  However, if your household is like mine, there isn't necessarily time to rest. Kids, making dinner, cleaning, dealing with pets, husbands, grading papers, or any other end of the day routines usually come into play.

So today I had a small window of opportunity where I didn't have any meetings, after school activities, and it was a light enough teaching day that I could do plans easily.  I decided to take a day off.
1. For my health
2. For my sanity

The kids have been dropped off at preschool and daycare and here I sit in silence.  It is pretty nice.  

Now that I have this unexpected time on my hands, man do I have a laundry list of things I want to do! 

I am going to try VERY hard to take it easy so tomorrow I can come to school feeling like this.
HA HA HA, yeah right!

A pedicure may be in order though.  I think I can drag my sorry butt out of the house for that. :)


  1. Hooray for taking the time you need!!! I usually schedule myself one of those at least twice a year and I do it BEFORE I feel like a nasty old hag so that I am refreshed for my kids. I call it a "mental health day" and I usually spend the time planning for the next few weeks. Being in a year round school we only have workdays at the end of every 9 weeks of school so there isn't a lot of time to catch your breath while tracked in! Enjoy your special day!! :)

  2. Mental Health Days are the only way to do it! :) I may have to take an official "Mental Health Day" in March since we have a long time before our next break.