Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gonna Git That Leprechaun!

My daughter must have read about leprechauns at school the other day because when she got home she immediately went into her room to create a trap for them.  At one point, she popped out and asked for some tape. Eyebrow raised, I handed her the roll of tape.  She then disappeared into her room to continue working.
When she finally emerged, she began taping things to her door. 
Here is what I found when she finished:

I gave my proud Mommy response of "Oh wow, you did a great job!"
(Not having a clue what I was looking at.)

This is what I figured out.

I had her tell me about her very clever and elaborate trap. 

There you have it. 

Maybe after ALL the leprechaun traps created through the years, my child will be the one that gets lucky.  She, at least, is forever hopeful. 

Wait until she gets a load of what the leprechaun is going to do to our house!

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  1. Love it when their minds are still full of what they learned at school when they get home!! Super cute!
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