Saturday, February 25, 2012

Permission to Pin?

Do you know about Pinterest's pinning terms?  I didn't.  At least that was until I read Laura Candler's blog post HERE about Pinterest's pinning rights.
Side note: I love Laura Candler and her resources.  You MUST check out her blog/website!

So anyway, back to the pinning rights.  According to the policy when we signed up, we agreed to the following terms:

  • We own the rights to images we are pinning.  

  • We grant full rights to Pinterest to use those images in any fashion! 

  • are their terms HERE.
    It turns out that unless you have permission from that actual blog, you can't necessarily pin their pics or posts directly.  This means that from now on, unless I have permission from a blog, I will just be pinning from other pins.  Hopefully, more blogs will catch wind and post the following on their blog:

    Now, I know I am the most popular blog out there and my millions, I mean, thousands...ahem, 94 followers are worried.  I will let you know right now, you have permission to pin anything on here.  Rest assured, I won't report anyone to the "pinning police."   Oh and in case you were interested, you are welcome to check out what I have already pinned HERE.

    I still think Pinterest rocks and is an amazing resource.  I just wanted to give all my fellow pinners a heads up in case you have been pinning other blogs like I have.

    Happy Pinning!


    1. Thanks for permission, since I've already pinned from you blog. :)

      ❀ Tammy
      Forever in First

      1. You're always welcome to anything.:)

    2. That's kinda crazy! I feel like it contradicts their Pin Ettiquette found here
      Thanks for sharing!

      Living A Wonderful Life

      1. That's what I was thinking! I guess I'll just be a little cautious just in case.