Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love This New App

In a post over at Lesson Plan Diva, she mentioned an app that scans right onto your phone.  It then turns the scan into a PDF file.

I thought: "OMG, that sounds fantastic!!!  How great would that be to use when you need to scan homework or a document for a student or parent?!"

She had an iPhone, so the app was called ScanPro($6.99) and someone else mentioned Genius Scan which is free.  However, I have a Droid so those apps were not available. 

I went onto Market and found exactly what I needed.   It is a free app called CamScanr.  

I just used it today and it worked perfectly!  It even allows you to crop the picture so you have exactly what you need.

Now, if I have a document that I don't have a digital version of, I can scan it so I can keep it on my computer.

I LOVE technology!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the phone scanner - this will be so helpful!