Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another Matter Experiment

Toward the end of our matter unit we conducted an experiment to show what happens to liquids and solids during evaporation.
In a container, I mixed colored water and a generous amount of salt together. 

The children wrote down their predictions for what might happen to the water and the salt in their science journals. 

As the water evaporated, the children had a chance to begin observing possible results.  And just this past week, the water finally evaporated completely.  We examined the container one final time and recorded our observations in our journals.

As you can see, we had some interesting results to write about.

It is a great experiment to show that though water evaporates the salt doesn't necessarily evaporate with it and in fact can be carried by the water vapor as it floats away.

Matter is such a fun unit. :)


  1. I like that. Easy and worth doing!


  2. I'm doing matter now and will have to add this into my lessons.

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