Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Persuade Me

Pinterest strikes again!

I introduced this amazing "Author's Purpose" poster set to my students yesterday. 
Click on the picture above to head over to Mrs. Gilchrist's class for a copy.

I LOVE it!   It explains the different purposes perfectly.   I told them that in the next few days we would work on the different pieces of the pie.

Today's piece was about persuasion.  After discussing what persuasion was, I had the kids think about how advertisements and commercials use persuasion.  This really hit home for them.  Of course I had tons of kids telling me about Video games, Sky Landers(???), Legos, McDonald's, etc.

Next, I gave them four topics to choose from for their persuasive writing:
1.  Type of Food
2.  Playing a certain game
3.  Watching a TV Show
4.  Reading a certain book

Time to write!  I was not concerned about fixing their grammatical errors on this one(minus capitals and periods).  I really wanted this exercise to focus on the content of the piece.

The kids did a great job on them!
Here are a few that I enjoyed:

Coincidentally, my husband is working on persuasive writing in his class this week too.  Granted, their 6th grade version is a little more in depth than ours.  They have to persuade the king(my husband) to give them a vote for Parliment.  They also need to make sure to write it from the perspective of a colonist, depending on where they are from. 

Not sure if my kids could handle that topic, so we will just stick with what we have. :)


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