Friday, January 6, 2012

One of Those Days

Did you ever have one of those days?

You're sitting at your desk during your, what feels like 5 minute, break and it finally hits you...You have way too many things on your plate and barely any time to do it.

Yup, that is me today.

I mean, we just got back from break.  How could it have piled up so quickly?!!!

I am sitting here realizing the papers in my hand-in bin are starting to rise. 
The very bin that I worked so hard to empty before break.

I am the head of our social committee and I have to get going on organizing our staff party.  (We do a winter party instead of a holiday one.)

We have penpal letters that need to be worked on and sent out.

I need to get working on the spelling lists for my grade.

I am working on planning and realizing there are too many concepts that I want to cover this month and next.

We just started practicing our class play.

And I need to get my Friday News e-mail for the parents out.

My goodness, this list can go on, and on, and on!

I KNOW you know how I feel. 

I know I am not alone. 

The saying "TGIF", never rang truer than right now.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I hope this brightens your day. I have nominated you for an award. Come on over to see it!
    ❁Beth Ann❁
    Taming My Flock of Firsties