Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Turn to Be the Student

Jeff and I have been wanting to take a handmade pasta class for a while.  When we saw that Cookology had a class coming up and there were 2 spots left, we jumped on the opportunity.We are so happy we did!

We started by making a basic dough.

1 3/4 cups of flour, 4 eggs, and 2 Tbs. olive oil

The chef showed us how to roll out the dough to make fettuccine and linguini the old fashion way.  No machines required. 

The final type of pasta we learned to make was tortellini. First we rolled the dough out the same way we did for the fettuccine and linguini.  We then cut out circles using the top of a cup.
Next we put about 1/4 tsp. of filling in the middle and wet the edges around the circle with water.

We then folded the circle over and pressed gently.
Finally we wet one of the tips of the crescent and brought the two corners together.


After we cooked the pasta, the chef showed us how to plate it.

The sauces were pre-made for us since he didn't have enough time to show us that during class.
After plating, we had a chance to sit down and try everything.

From left to right:  Fettuccine with basil pesto, Tortellini with carmelized onion and garlic herb butter, and Linguini with tomato basil cream sauce

It was all so delicious.  There is nothing like fresh pasta, but we were amazed at how tasty the tortellini was.  I had never had fresh tortellini before.  The filling melted in your mouth.

The class ended and we were given the recipes for everything made, including the tortellini filling and sauces.  I highly recommend taking a cooking class in your area.  It is so much fun and you learn some great techniques.  Sometimes it is great taking a break from teaching and becoming the student for a bit!


  1. Yummy! I looks like so much fun making pasta and it turned out great! I just wanted to say thank you also for the versatile blogger award!

  2. Meghan- You are most welcome!

    Kristin- Me too and this pasta was no joke. :)