Monday, January 2, 2012

LeapFrog Tag Reading System

Another blog made me realize I haven't shared the latest reading tool in our home.

Let me back up a second and tell you a quick story behind it. 

I don't know if your librarian does this, but during faculty meetings our wonderful librarian lays out tons of books she is getting rid of or books donated from parents.  On one particular day, I hit the jackpot and found tons of books for my kids.  A few of them were about Dora, Diego, Olivia, etc.  When I brought them home, I realized they all said "Tag" at the top of them.  I had no clue what that meant so I hit the internet.  Low and behold they belong to the LeapFrog Tag Reading System, which means it requires a pen to help read the book. 
Now, of course you can read the book without it, but since my brother had been wondering what to get my daughter for Christmas I suggested that. 

When Gabbie opened it for Christmas and tried it out, I was shocked at how cool this $20 item is! Who would have thought?!

Once a book is downloaded onto the pen, it reads each page to you.  It can even read each word one at a time if you point to them!  There are also vocabulary games, picture finds, and a few other activities built in for each book.

The best part of this is that it can be used for kids ages 4-8.  My daughter is 4 so most of the books work well for helping her learn concept of word, directionality, sight words, etc. 

They also have a smaller version for younger kids.

I am actually thinking of picking up another one for my classroom.  I may see if I could get it through my school's appropriations in the Spring.  I can easily see my students using this in centers, buddy reading or quiet morning work.

A possible downside is that you have to purchase all of the books seperately(about $5) but since I got a couple for free and a few more for Christmas, she is set.

Just a cool little device I wanted to share. :)