Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Day in My Shoes

I am linking up with Katie Klohn over at The Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher for:

So hang on bloggy world, you are about to hear how my day goes, whether you want to or not. :)

I had inservice this past Friday so here was my Thursday:

4:00-  I hear hubby's alarm go off.  I fade in and out as he gets ready to go coach swim practice.

6:00-  My alarm goes off and I lay in bed pretending I don't have to get up.

6:15-  I finally come to terms with the fact that I do.  I go into my son's room to get him out of the crib and hand him his "gook" (milk).  I then head into my daughter's room to wake her up.  Since my hubby is at practice before school, I get the pleasure of getting everyone ready, out the door and do drop-off on my own.

6:45-  I have both kids dressed.  They are now playing as I run around getting myself dressed.

7:00-  I run around making sure the dog and bearded dragon are fed.  I let our dog out one last time, get my lunch together, receive a call that my hubby forgot his lunch so I have to grab something for him, and then start to get the kids ready to leave.

7:15- I have the kids set, car seats buckled and I am finally off to get them to preschool and daycare.

7:40-  Drop-offs complete, I am finally off to work.

8:00-  I walk in the door, say my good mornings and head into the classroom to get ready for the day.

8:25-  My first student walks in and I look up shocked that the time flew so quickly.  Why does "school 25 minutes" always feel more like 1 minute?

8:45- Late bell rings, morning show is on, and my kids are attempting to do their morning work quietly(with reminders from me of course).  I run around making sure my struggling students have their agendas completed and help with morning work..

9:00-  Switch for our math.   I teach the struggling math students.  I am happy that we do math first thing, because although I LOVE teaching this group, it does take some energy out of ya.

10:00- We move into Language Arts.  My pull-out kids go with our Special Ed. teacher, 2 kids go with the reading specialist, and one other kid heads to ELL(ESL/ESOL).  I do Literature Circles/Guided Reading/Centers with the students that are left.

10:45ish- We clean up and head into Writer's Workshop.  This week we have been trying to finish up our American Indian presentations, so that time is filled with the last few of these.  After the last presentation is done, we finish up our penpal letters so I can get those sent out.

11:28- Lunch (I know 11:28 right?  Our times are so weird.)

11:58- Lunch is over and I take the kids back to get ready for recess.

12:25- We head in from recess and usually start Shared Reading.  However, we have started working on our class play, so we begin practicing that.

1:15-  I finish our class read aloud: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.  One of my FAVORITE books!  The book ends with an interesting twist and we share all of our thoughts and predictions beyond the story.

1:30- Specials (P.E.)  During this particular planning time, I finish up my sub plans for Friday since I will be out.  I work on my news email that I usually send out on Fridays to the parents, and make sure the last loose ends are tied up for Friday.

2:20-  Science:  Matter  We conducted two experiments.  "Where does a gas come from?" and "Liquid Layers."  We then finished up our KLEW on matter since I will be testing the kids on the unit next week.

2:50- Pack up, while the mailbox helper and I make sure the usual suspects remember to empty their mailboxes.  I then make sure everyone sits down to get ready for Read to Self.

3:20-  Dismissal

3:30- My tutoring student shows up and we begin.

3:40- My husband interrupts us(he works at the same school) and realizes that I am tutoring today.  His shoulders hunch over as he realizes he has to pick up both of the kids.  He sulks off and I finish tutoring my student.

4:30-  I am free! 

5:10ish- I arrive home and start dinner for the family.

6:00- After dinner and clean up, we play with the kids(or more like lay like dead soldiers as the kids play around us.)

7:00- Bath time, bed time ritual, and some Blues Clues.

8:00- Bedtime for the kids

8:30-  My hubby and I retreat to our bed to unwind while watching DVRed items and geek out on our computers.

At some point, my body waves the white flag, and I pass out.

The End.

Phew, I am tired just reliving that!  Thank goodness for a 3 day weekend.   Be sure to link up because I can't wait to peek into your lives as well!


  1. We are reading Edward Tulane too! I read it every year, it is SO good! I am a new follower.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. I need to check out that book! I have heard many people talking about it!

    Thanks for linking up!

    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

  3. I, too, must read this book - it sounds like a great read aloud.