Monday, January 30, 2012

Butterflies in my Stomach, Butterflies on my Mind

Tomorrow is the day...da, da,da...that I, along with a few other teachers in the county, inservice the second grade teachers on the unit: Monarchs and Milkweed.

I have raised Monarchs with my second grade team for 4 years now, so when the county decided to create a unit around this, we were all very excited.  

A few teachers volunteered to pilot the unit last year and it turned out to be awesome!  Now, here we are needing to turn around and show everyone else what we did.  

A little nerve wracking to say the least.

I LOVE teaching, but there is just something about teaching other teachers that gets my stomach tied in knots.  Maybe it is because we sometimes make the worst students?  At least, I know I am not the best student during inservices.  My attention can be somewhat...SQUIRREL!

Well, either way, tomorrow is the big day.  I will be conducting the "Milkweed" portion of the training and will have to teach 8 half hour sessions of it.  Oh joy!

I CANNOT wait until tomorrow night when I can sit back and enjoy a homebrew while washing away the long day.  It's the little things in life my friends, the little things. :)

Here is a link to some of my earlier posts about Monarchs.  I will be sharing more about them when we actually roll out the unit in a month or so.


  1. Good luck! You'll be great and after 8 sessions, you won't be feeling anything but glad it's over!

  2. I know the feeling. I'm sure it will all go better than planned.
    Forever in First