Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Handmade Snowflakes

My coworker and I make these with the second graders every year.  The process takes a lot of patience with 50 kids(Yes, we are slightly crazy), but the end product is too beautiful not to do.  I am a visual/hands on learner myself, but I am going to attempt to describe how to make these.    

After doing a demo for the students, we give each child 6 of these templates. Sorry I don't have a scanned copy for you, but it actually isn't too tricky to draw.

The children first cut off the small strip on the side to make a square.

Next you fold the square along the dotted line to make a large triangle.  Make sure these lines are still showing.

Then fold the triangle in half, making sure you still see the lines.

Then, making sure to cut the folded part of the triangle, cut along each of the lines.  Don't cut all the way through though.

Once the lines are cut, open the paper back up.

This is where it can get tricky, so we demoed this step a few times.
First off, make sure you have plenty of tape at the ready.

Take the two center pieces, fold them over and tape them.

Then flip the paper over, grab the next two pieces and fold and tape them. 
They will be taped opposite of the center pieces.

Continue this forward/backward taping pattern for the rest of the pieces.
You will have something that looks like this when you are finished.

The students have to make six of these.  When they have finished, my coworker and I are at the ready to staple the pieces together.  Well, we are not necessarily at the ready.  You know how teachers magically summon 8 arms to handle a number of kids at once?  That's pretty much what goes down.

Take the tips of all six pieces and staple them together.

You then take the outside strips of two arms of the snowflake and staple those together.
(In this photo, I showed just two of the arms so you knew what I meant.)

Once you go around in a circle and finish stapling all of the outside strips together, you are left with a beautiful snowflake!

I also saw this snowflake on Pinterest using wrapping paper.  The color on one side and white on the other looked beautiful!


  1. I love those they are so pretty! Thank you for the pictures! I am going to have to try them.

  2. I make these with my second graders and hang them from the ceiling. The kids are amazed that they made such a neat looking snowflake. We also get lots of compliments from others when they see them in our classroom. I cut the paper into squares with a paper cutter and fold them for the kids to save time. They cut and assemble them.

    (I agree that it is a bit crazy, but sooooo worth it!)

  3. Hummmm.....I might give this a try at my Sunday School class...

  4. Ours is very "floppy". Is there a way to make the 6 parts stand out?