Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You Did What?

There are MANY incidents that have happened in my classroom through the years. But I have to say that one incident I have never had to deal with was boys kissing girls or girls kissing boys.
Now, I know it pops up in the younger grades from time to time, but you can imagine my surprise when the following conversation transpired as we drove our 4 year old home from preschool.

Gabbie: Mommy, when can you kiss boys?

Me (A little thrown off by the question): When you are married.

(Now, this is not the advice I heeded as a young adult, but she is 4 and that's when she is allowed to kiss someone.)

Gabbie: Oh (pause) The boys were trying to get me to kiss them on the playground.

Jeff and I glance at one another with a look like "Is this conversation seriously happening?"

Me: Well, you are not allowed to kiss boys at school. You can give them a hug, but no kisses.

Jeff (in a protective Dad tone): You tell those boys that your Daddy said you are not allowed to kiss them.

Gabbie: I didn't kiss them on the lips. I only pretended. I got close to their lips though.

At this point we are trying very hard not to laugh, but since Gabbie is very serious about this conversation, we hold ourselves back.

Gabbie: And then Molly hit me.
Me: Why did she do that?

Gabbie: She didn't want me to kiss the boys.

Jeff (under his breath): Smart girl.

Supressing giggles...

Me: Just make sure that if the boys do that again tomorrow that you tell the teacher. OK?

Gabbie: Ok Mommy. Maybe we can play "Transformers" with hugs instead of kisses.

Never knew that Transformers liked to kiss each other but OK. We moved on to a new subject since luckily our 4 year old's thoughts wander much like her two parents that have A.D.D. tendencies...~SQUIRREL!~


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