Sunday, November 13, 2011

Two Great Sites

For once an ad on the side of Facebook actually turned out to be something I was interested in!  I just stumbled across this site today and it looks fantastic. 

It is called Study Ladder.   This site has wonderful interactive games and activities for every subject.  A nice feature is that you can add your class and then they can access these activities as well.  I am so happy I found another great resource for interactive activities!

Another site I have been meaning to blog about is Class DOJO. (Cue gong sound)  It is a unique, real time way to run your classroom management.  

The students' names and avatars are displayed through your interactive board.  As the day goes on, you award points for good behavior or, if you choose to, take points away as well.  You get to customize the wording and can choose if you want only positive and/or negative behaviors displayed.  You can also print progress reports for your students.
Another nice feature is for Ipad users.  You can use your Ipad to award points remotely while you walk around your room.  Now, I don't have an Ipad, but what an easy way to keep the management going!

I have set up the names but haven't had a chance to try it out with the class.  There are a few logistical concerns for me. 
1.  Since we don't have a projector and computer permanently set up in our classrooms.  I would have to set this up and devote a class computer to this.
2.  Having the projector on for every lesson may be distracting since my projector is in the way at times.  Now, if only I had a projector permanently mounted from the ceiling then there would be no issues.  Ah, maybe someday.

Despite my concerns, I am still going to try this out.  Once I do, I will let you know how it is going.   In the meantime, I definitely encourage you to go visit Study Ladder and Class DOJO and get set up.


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