Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rainbow Garden

At the beginning of the year, my room parents collaborated with our science teacher on a project called Outdoor Classroom Rainbow Garden.  The idea of the project was to help the children plant different seeds in our outdoor classroom garden to teach them about "rainbow foods" that are good for you.
The parents came in one morning to present the lesson and then took them outside to start planting.  The class planted beet root, red cabbage, carrots, turnips, and spinach.

  This past week was harvest time. The parents came back in to review the lesson and go out to "harvest" the food.  Yes the plants were too small to eat but the children still got the concept loud and clear.  All of the children even received a carrot plant to take home.

Since those plants were too small to sample, the parents went out and bought them and prepared a rainbow plate so the children could try each item. 

I was very impressed with the project as a whole.  I am all for getting the children out of the classroom and learning.  This was a great hands on way to teach the children about growing their own food and why it is important to eat the rainbow!


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