Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Set of Centers

We just finished our first set of centers.  The children really enjoyed them.
Here are the new centers for this month:

1.  Writing a Friendly Letter
I got this great template HERE.

2.  Read to Someone(centers partner) and fill out a story map.
This was from a book Teaching with Kevin Kenkes Favorite Books.

3.  Beach Ball Comprehension

I found this template at Lesson Plan Diva.

4.  Raz Kids (Computer Center)

Word Study:
A.  Magnetic Spelling

B.  Scrambled Eggs (spelling words/word wall words scrambled in plastic eggs)

C.  Spell City(Computer)

D.  Sticker Story  (Use stickers to create a picture and then write about your creation.)
         Note:  I know this is more of a literacy center, but I just had to throw it in. :)

I got this template a long time ago, so I don't have one to share.



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