Saturday, November 12, 2011

Genres Poster

One of the areas I want to focus on with my students this year is identifying different genres.  My library is already broken down by levels, so this year I decided to add the genre labels to each book. 
The following is a decoder I created to help the children identify the genres.
Click on the picture for a copy.

I then added it to my genre area in the library.  

To get my Shopping for Books Poster click HERE.
To get the Reading Buddy Strategies click HERE.

And here is our classroom library from afar. 

Now it is confession Time: 
Realizing that our library looked chaotic gently used, I went ahead and tidied up before snapping this pic.  Cue my class coming back from specials and this picture is now a figment of my imagination. *sigh*

At least it looked pretty for a little while. :)


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