Friday, November 18, 2011

Fancy Feathers

Fancy Feathers is a fun family project I do each year.  Every child receives a construction paper feather and a family letter.  In the letter I stipulate that there are only two rules, you must have a photo of your family on the feather and you MUST be creative.  That's it.  Click HERE for the family letter.
Click HERE for the feather template. (It's a little dark, but you can always retrace it.

The feathers started filtering in the week before Thanksgiving.  We then put them around our turkey in the hallway.  The turkey is always ready just in time for our parents to see it at our Thanksgiving Feast. (Post about that coming.)
(I wish you could see how cute the feathers turned out before I sadly had to defile it.  But alas, I want to protect my families' anonymity.)

It's a simple project but seeing the love on these feathers is the perfect way to show how thankful we are without saying a word.


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