Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Conferences and Laryngitis

What is the best thing to have happen to you when you have 2 days of parent/teacher conferences? 
Why, get laryngitis of course!
What are you supposed to do for laryngitis?  Rest your voice.
What is the number one thing we do as teachers? The opposite of resting your voice.

Luckily, I didn't lose my voice until this morning and the bulk of my conferences were yesterday.  I definitely could tell I was losing it, but by this morning, there was nothing left. I basically whispered my way through the last few conferences today. 

Now, let's hope that my little cherubs take pity on me tomorrow and are quiet all day long.
My one saving grace?
This magical device:

This is a soundfield device.  I have had this in my classroom for two years.  You wear the little microphone around your neck and your voice is amplified through the speaker.   It is great for helping children focus or for helping those that sometimes cannot concentrate over minor classroom noise.   It also comes with an additional microphone so students can use it when doing presentations or reading out loud. 

You can imagine why I am grateful that I have this for tomorrow!


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