Monday, October 10, 2011

Twitter in the Classroom

A friend of mine had mentioned the great idea of using Twitter in the classroom.  I loved the idea, but having never used it before(I know, how could I be missing out on Twitter), I had to check it out over the summer before deciding if it would work in the classroom.

I found out there is a way to make your account secure and have control over who can be a follower.  Once I realized I could make this a safe venue for the kids, I was in.

I discussed the concept with the parents at Back to School Night and just introduced it to my second graders this past week.  Of course many did not know what it was, but as I explained that we could "report" to their parents daily on what happens in our class, they loved the idea.  They especially love that their name is posted next to their tweet.

My friend had already become a follower of my class.  As we "tweeted" one morning, she was doing the same with her class.  It was great to have the kids help me come up with tweets for her class while they tweeted back to us. 

There was one point where a child came up with a really long message.  I didn't realize there was a character limit.  Well, we found that out together.  It was great to see the kids problem solve how to shorten the message while still keeping the main idea intact.

This is all teacher led right now as we review sentence structure and proper punctuation.  My goal is to eventuatlly have the children tweet on their own.


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