Saturday, October 22, 2011

Monster Writing

With Halloween coming up, I took advantage of the topic to help the children work on using adjectives, mystery, and suspense in their writing by creating Monster Stories.

Day 1:  I had them create their monsters using these:

I wish I had the source for you, but from what I made out at the bottom, it is from 1985! LOL...

After they created their monsters, we went on to brainstorm a spooky/scary monster adjective poster. 

Day 2:  The kids were really pumped up after the first day.  Our prewriting activity was to lay out their story using a very simple monster organizer. 

Sorry I wasn't more creative on this one.  Feel free to click the picture for a copy.

After modeling how to introduce the character and set up the beginning and middle of a the story, while creating my own story, I set them free.  It had never been so quiet while writing! :)

Day 3:  I modeled how to end the story as well as reread the story and make changes if need be.  They were then set free again.  A few kids were ready for editing.  Some even finished and we put all of the pieces together.

Day 4+:  Many are still working on their stories.  For my early finishers, they are buddy editing or creating a new story.

I always love seeing what types of stories the children create each year.  Once we get closer to Halloween we will share our stories with the class.


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea. How cute and perfect for what we are working on. I have tried to locate the printables for the cutouts, but I can't figure out which book they are from. Thanks for sharing

  2. Soo cute. I love it.
    Thanks - Lauren

  3. Thanks! The kids really enjoy the cutouts. From what I can tell on the bottom, it comes from Monday Morning Books.