Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mimio and a Great Website

The newer schools in our county have been blessed with Smartboards in the classroom.  We do have a few in our school, but not enough for every classroom and the budget doesn't allow for us to get a ton more.

We have an awesome tech person at our school who has been searching for cheaper alternatives that work in just the same fashion.  Last year, she showed us one that uses a stylis pen to operate the board rather than your finger, much like the Promethean Boards, which I also love.  It was the perfect solution!

It is called a Mimio.
The longer piece is placed next to your working surface.  Once hooked into your computer, it turns that surface into an interactive board!

I just had to be one of the first ones to use it in the classroom.  I have had it in my room for a year now and love it!  It barely takes up space and I can use the surface as a whiteboard when I am not working on the Mimio.

Here are a few of my students trying it out this week.  We were doing a lesson on 3 digit place value.

They click on the dice to roll them.

They then write and state the number they created.

Simple but VERY effective.
In this particular lesson, there were a few other activites on 3 digit place value that the children had a chance to try as well.  I love getting the kids on here!

I can't take credit for creating this though.  There are a TON of great smartboard, powerpoint, and other creative lessons on a website called:  Rockingham County Public School Resources  
You can pretty much find any grade and subject on there.  I found this one on the second grade math resources HERE.

This is a county in Virginia so concepts are categorized by SOLS(Standards Of Learning).  However, I don't think you will have a problem finding what you need.

Hope you find some great ideas there!


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