Saturday, October 22, 2011

Helping Students with Writing

Every classroom has struggling writers and I know you all have some great ideas on how you help those writers. 

Here is what I did recently with one of my students during our Monster Stories. Click HERE to read about our Monster Stories.

I have a few students this year that have difficulty forming letters correctly and legibly.  Writing in general is extremely frustrating.  However, I know these children are VERY creative and I don't want their frustrations to hinder what they have to say.

I had the class use a graphic organizer to map out their ideas.  Seeing one student still struggling with even getting their ideas down, I pulled this student aside and had them verbally tell me the story as I transcribed it on the computer.  They then helped me reread and edit it as well.

I wanted everyone to try writing the stories on their own so I told the student if they became too frustrated then we could use the typed version.  BUT, they had to try writing it first.

I gave the student raised line paper to help them stay within the lines the best they could.  I also gave them a view finder (From Really Good Stuff) to help keep their place when writing.  Sometimes I notice this student skips lines and doesn't realize it.

The student ended up writing the whole story with barely any frustration and it was pretty legible.  Yay!  When given the choice, they chose the typed version, but I was still so proud that they worked through that obstacle and completed the assignment.

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