Monday, October 17, 2011

Centers Ideas

I have tried so many different types of center formations through the years.  It wasn't until one year when a colleague shared her way of doing them that I finally found something that worked perfectly for me.

I am not going to go into the actual center formation in this post because it can be kind of hard to explain.  It is actually easier to understand if you see it in action.  I will say that once the kids spend one day going through them, they get the hang of it quickly.

We have centers Tuesdays-Fridays.  On any given day, half of the class is at a center, while the other half meets with me in 2 reading groups.  There are two children in a center at one time, which minimizes the chatter throughout the room.

We have eight centers which take about two weeks to cycle through.  Four centers are Word Study/Spelling activities and the other four are Literacy centers.

Here are my first set of centers for the year:

Word Study:
A) Spelling Stamps (stamp spelling words: consonants blue/vowels red)
B) Read the Room (hunting around the room an recording words that fit the given pattern)
C) Rainbow Spelling
D) Spell City (Computer Center)

1) Friendly Letter (on pumpkin stationary)
2) Pumpkin Poem (piece together the poem puzzle and then create a new version filling in different adjectives)
3) Listening Center w/response sheet
4) October Acrostic Poem

Sometimes I set up recurring centers, so you may see some of these repeated.  The children have been enjoying these centers so far and I have even better ones in store!

If you have time, I would love to hear some of your favorite center ideas.  I am always looking for new ones to add!


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