Thursday, September 15, 2011

Monarch Watch (cont'd)

Phew, after 4 days, we finally have the internet fixed at home.  That was a rough couple days!

While I have been away, we have been continuing to monitor our Monarch caterpillars.
We were able to see one of our big guys go from the "J" stage move into it's chrysalis.

While searching for milkweed one day I found a little surprise!

This one is just about to do his "walk about" and head into the "J" stage.

As for the babies Gabbie helped find? 
We shared them with other classes.
We did keep one and he/she is at the 3rd instar stage and munching away.

Needless to say, the Monarch area of the classroom has been a hot spot lately.

Favorite Teachable Moment of the week:
I took the children down to our outdoor classroom to look for milkweed and hunt for signs of monarch caterpillars.  While there, we found a freshly emerged Monarch Butterfly!  It was amazing. 

We didn't see any caterpillars on this trip, but the fact that I could show the children the difference between a male and female as well as show them a Monarch in the wild was priceless. 

Yay science!
Oh and a special thank you to my class for sharing one caterpillar with Gabbie.   She was so excited to have one of the caterpillars come back home. 

She is taking special care of it.


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