Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Love Facebook (Linky Party)

Lesson Plan Diva is hosting a Linky Party about Facebook and I just had to join in.
I don't know how many Facebook addicts are out there, but I am here to admit that I am on a few times a day. 
Maybe more than a few. 

But seriously, Facebook has been such an amazing tool for getting in touch with long lost friends, family, as well as keeping tabs on everyone from day to day.

I recently started a facebook page for my blog.  You are welcome to "like" my page to the right or just go on over and visit it HERE.

One of my newer addicitons has been Pinterest.  I was turned onto this ingenius site over the summer and haven't looked back.  Since I am a visual person, it is the perfect way to keep track of the ideas I find on the internet using picture icons. 

Why is this great?  Because half of the links in my Internet Explorer favorites folder go unused because I don't see a picture and can't remember why I even have the link.  Pinterest has been the perfect solution.

I am on there daily, so feel free to check out my "pins" using the link on the sidebar or become a follower HERE. :)  Oh and many of my pins are not just school related, so there is something on there for everyone. 

I hope you enjoy the finds!!!


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