Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three For Thursday

Today's Blog Hoppin' Party is asking to share your three favorites: favorite font, favorite blog, and favorite resource.

Favorite Font
That's a tough one.  There are so many fonts out there and it depends on what you need.  However, lately I am finding myself using 

Click on the font to download it.

Favorite Blog
Seriously, I can't tell you which one I like the most.  It's like asking which kid is your favorite.  You love them all differently. :) 

The teacher blogs I frequent most often have been:

These are amazing because so many authors post on these so it's like a one stop shop for ideas!

My recent favorite crafty one has been:

And a favorite family/DIY blog has been:

Favorite Resource
Up top you can see my favorite resource sites, but my top one(besides the teacher blogs) is:

It's mostly for VA teachers, but I'm positive you can find great tech resources for your own curriculum.  Just click on your grade area and it will give you the subjects to choose from.

A great reading resource site is

Well those are my favorites.  Can't wait to read about everyone else's!


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