Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Reading List

Right before school was out, our principal offered to buy each teacher a few books from a resource list if we were interested.  I of course jumped at the chance and ended up getting 5 books!  With 2 small kids at home for the summer, I figured, I have TONS of spare time to read(sarcasm noted?).

We are now at August 2nd.  I have read 2 1/2 books.  Not too bad considering I usually forget I even have books to read and then try to skim them for information at the last minute. 

The first book I read was:

Since I already have a decent foundation in Guided Reading, I figured this would be a good one for me to read.  It really was a GREAT resource and I highly suggest you pick up a copy.  There were some ideas and strategies that I already do in the classroom, so it was nice to know we were on the same page.  I also obtained a number of new ones that I have noted and will be trying this year. 
A few ideas were:
1.  The Comprehension Inerview:  She gave a very simple AND quick way of doing this during their silent reading time.
2.  Reading log that includes genres.  I am revamping my classroom library this year to include genres on all of the book labels.   This log list goes perfectly with what I am doing.
3.  Reading Buddy Strategy:   I have children read together all of the time.  In her book she gives great ways to help the kids support and coach each other including a good graphic organizer for it.

There were fefinitely a few other ideas, but those were my top 3.

The next book I read was:

I was not as impressed with this book.  It was kind of common sense about how your words can affect a child's learning.  You need to keep it positive and proactive as you approach the children rather than adding in accidental negative tones. 
The positive:  It was a quick read!

The book I am currently on is:

This is a good book so far.  I have gained a few good tips from the beginning but haven't gotten too far into it.

Another book I HAVE to read before Aug. 29 is:
Pat Johnson is actually doing an inservice at our school that week, so I guess it might be important to read her book.  LOL...maybe that should have been my first read this summer!

The other book by Debbie Miller that I have is Teaching with Intention.  I might need to move that one to my Fall list.

There are also two more books I might add.  I'm not sure if I am going to read both but I have heard so much about The Daily 5 and The Cafe through my blog stalking that I want to look into them.

I head to Hilton Head in a week.  I am going to try my darndest to get one "for fun" read in.  On the back burner are 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult and The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  We'll see if one of those make it in during my "spare time."


  1. I got a number of books too when this was offered. I haven't made as much headway as I would like - I blame my summer job! I am currently reading Catching Readers Before They Fall and I am enjoying it. I'm excited to see what Pat Johnson teaches us!

    I am about to start reading The Help. Alison, Courtney, and Katie all read it and said it is amazing. I just bought it at Target last weekend!

    I, too, have heard a lot about The Daily Five and I'm intrigued. I have a number of other books that I received from the school that I will be reading first. Let me know what you think of it whenever you get to it!

    Happy Reading!

  2. I HIGHLY recommend Daily 5 and Cafe'. They have changed the way I teach (for the better!). I really liked reading with meaning, and I want to check out the first book you read. I have a long reading list as well. I should stop blogging and start reading!