Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just Right Books

One of the trickiest things I find with second graders is having them read books that are "just right" for them.  They so desparately want to read higher level books(i.e. chapter books), and as you know, some just are not at that level quite yet. 

In my room, the children "Shop for Books" during literacy centers.  I got these great book bags for the back of their chairs through the Steps to Literacy site. 

They choose 5 books to keep in their bag at all times. They can then use them during Independent Reading, Free Time, or any other time that they would like.

During Independent Reading, I conference with children to see whether they have chosen the correct books as well as check for understanding.  I also review with them how to choose a book that is right for them, if they are having difficulty. 

I created this poster which I will display near my classroom library. I hope it will help remind them what a "Just Right"  book is as they go shopping. 

Click on the image to grab a copy for yourself.


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