Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guided Reading Room Project for the School

This is our school's guided reading room. 
See those pretty baskets? 
This past year, I, along with 2 wonderful Instructional Assistants, re-organized each set of books into ziploc bags, baskets and then added a library pocket/card to each set.

Ahh, I just love looking at this organized dream.

The only problem was that since there aren't a ton of lower level sets, the K-3 teachers would run out of stories to read with the kids by the middle of the year.  I knew we definitely needed more titles for our library.
I went through our PTO appropriations this spring and got the purchase of the Scholastic Content Area Series Level A-Q approved!

17 wonderful boxes arrived in June.  However, I just wasn't in the mindset to organize them while I was in the middle of packing up my classroom.

Now that I have had a month or so to relax, I decided to go in today and try to make some head way.
Here is a picture of those lovely boxes outside of my room.
(Now remember, there were 17 of them altogether.)

Inside each box was one level set.  It includes 10 sets of books for that level, a teacher manual, a teacher guide for each book, and level stickers to put on the back of each book. 

I was so excited to see so many new books to add to our collection, but man was it a pain to get organized!
Special apologies go out to the custodians who have to break these boxes down. 
After luggging them in the muggy/rain from the back trailor behind our school, I just didn't have the energy.

Being the genius I am, I emailed my past year's parents to see if any students wanted to come in for the morning and help organize the books. 

I ended up getting 5 kids.  They were AMAZING helpers and we were able to get the job done in no time.

Payment for a job well done? 
Pizza and popsicles of course.

Here is what our hard work looks like.

The final step is to get each set of books and teacher guide into a ziploc bag. 
I then need to add it to our catalog system and put them into our guided reading room.

That my friends, is a job for another day...


  1. Wow! You have a lot of space in your room. I love it. I love how you have organized the books. I simply don't have the room to do something like that, unfortunately.

  2. Oh my gosh, Deb!!! We NEED that guided reading room in our school!!It looks AMAZING!! I am going to my curriculum resource teacher and my Principal with your pics to see what we can do! =)Love it!! Thanks for sharing!!