Friday, August 5, 2011

Bringing Science Home

I love bringing what I do at school home to my own children. 

One of my favorite science concepts is the life cycle process.  There is so much you can do to make this concept fun and interactive. 

I was going to order the butterfly and ladybug kits for Gabbie and Kiernan this summer.  But as luck would have it, she received them as a birthday gift!  Score!!!
We were so excited when they arrived!

The ladybug larvae took about 2 weeks to become pupae.

The caterpillars took about 2 weeks before they went into their chrysalis.

After another 2 weeks or so, both the butterflies and ladybugs emerged.
Each day was so exciting as Gabbie discovered another one had emerged.
We loved having our house guests but knew that we would eventually have to release them.

We released the ladybugs first.
She held each one and said goodbye.

Here she is making sure each one had a safe spot by a tree.

The Painted Ladies were much more ellusive.
She would put one on her finger and it would immediately fly away.

Bruiser here almost squashed the poor little things like Godzilla destroying Tokyo.
I made sure to let him help by holding the pavillion AFTER we released everyone.
They didn't stand a chance otherwise...
Adios Mariposas and Ladybugs.
It was fun watching you grow!

Hopefully, we will have a few Monarch caterpillars appear on our milkweed outside.  I would love for us to continue the butterfly rearing.

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  1. Hooray for lady bugs and butterflies! Thanks for linking up and sharing on the smart summer challenge!

    -MaryLea (pink and green mama)