Friday, July 29, 2011

Monarch Teacher Network (MTN)

A coworker and I had signed up to be field testers for a Monarch unit being rolled out in second grade this year.  My coworker and our science teacher had already attended the MTN training and said it was a great experience.  Since my county paid for a few teachers to attend this summer, I knew I had to go.  

I just finished the 2 day training.  It truly was a great experience.  I already knew a lot about Monarchs since we have reared them for a few years at our school.  However, there were a ton of new tips and ideas I gained.

It is hard to sum up just what was covered.  However, I can at least share a few pictures of these beautiful creatures as we released them.

Beautiful right?
What better medium to teach life cycles, ecosystems, habitats, and a number of other concepts with?!
Stay tuned for fun ideas and lessons that I will be implementing this year.

If interested, here is the link to MTN's site:  Monarch Teacher Network where you can gather great information on how to bring this to your own classrom.
Another fantastice website is:  Journey North  We use this site to track the Monarch's migration.


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